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Welcome to USS Scorpion Alumni Association. The association represents both U.S.S. SCORPIONs, SS 278 and SSN 589. We will act as the central point of contact for maintaining a current roster of members. We will also attempt to publish an annual news letter containing updated information as provided by the members. Membership is open to anyone interested in maintaining contact with Scorpion activities. We are charging $25 to join and will request more when necessary. When you join you will receive a current roster and a copy of the Information Sheets that are returned to us. Even if you decide not to join, we encourage you to send in the information sheet. We have already heard a few sea stories and expect to receive more on the info sheets. If you were not a crew member, indicate your relationship to a crew member or your interest in Scorpion.

If you know the name, address (even city or state), phone number or E-mail address of any former crew member please contact us. Please don't assume that we might already have it. We don't have many names for the period 1962-1968. If you have Internet access, please send your response to or via the email address below.

New! Check out our new photo album center. You can upload your own photos to our page!

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Notice!- USS SCORPION (SS-278/SSN-589)/USS George Washington SSBN 598 Joint Reunion will be held in conjunction with the 2012 SUBVETS National Convention in Norfolk, VA September 4-9 2012. Please Contact: Len Reneau, P.O. Box261, Wills Point, TX 75169, (972) 762-9763.

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Crew listings:
Click here to view the commissioning crew list for SS-278
Click here to view final sailing list for SS-278

Click here to view the commissioning crew list for SSN-589
Click here to view the final sailing list for SSN-589

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